Corporate Profile

Quidel Corporation (Nasdaq: QDEL) is a California-based leading manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare solutions serving to enhance the health and well-being of people around the globe through the development of diagnostic solutions that accurately and quickly diagnose infectious diseases, as well as cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, allowing healthcare workers to quickly test and treat at the point-of-care, which leads to improved patient outcomes, providing numerous economic benefits to the healthcare system.

Quidel began operations in 1979 and launched its first products in 1983, as well as the world’s first rapid diagnostic test for Influenza A/B in 1999. Since that time, Quidel has experienced double-digit growth and expanded its market reach through internal product development as well as through acquisition, with a focus on investment in research and development to accelerate the rate of new product introductions.

In 2010, Quidel acquired Athens Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc., a leading provider of cell culture-based diagnostic tests sold direct to end-users. In 2011, Quidel acquired BioHelix, Inc., a manufacturer and developer of molecular diagnostic products, including BioHelix’s proprietary isothermal HDA molecular amplification technology. In December 2014, Quidel raised $172.5 million through an offering of convertible notes (3.25% coupon, due 2020). Quidel’s largest acquisition came in October 2017, acquiring Alere’s Triage and Beckman BNP Businesses, which effectively doubled the size of the company in terms of revenue and employees, reduced seasonal flu revenue volatility, and vastly expanded Quidel’s international footprint.

Quidel’s core competencies and capabilities include instrumented immunoassay development, US-based automated manufacturing, monoclonal antibody characterization and development, and molecular assay development. Our current products fall into these categories: (1) Cardiac Immunoassay, which represents the acquired Alere assets; (2) Rapid Immunoassay, where we are market leaders in infectious disease testing due to our installed base of 35,000+ Sofia instruments; (3) Specialized Diagnostic Solutions, which include cell culture-based direct fluorescent antibodies (DFA), and ELISA microtiter-based Complement pathway and Bone Health testing for research institutions; and (4) our high-growth molecular diagnostics business, driven by our Solana MDx instrumented system. Additional molecular and Sofia tests are currently in development or in clinical trials as part of Quidel’s focus on innovation, and maintaining a robust product pipeline that can deliver future growth.

Whether at our headquarters or our manufacturing facilities in San Diego, California, at our research and manufacturing operations in Ohio, Massachusetts, or in Stuttgart, Germany, or through our Commercial organization around the world, Quidel is delivering fast, accurate tests to customers at the Point-of-Care in order to improve the quality of healthcare.